Service 4.0 – Making smart decisions

At our 70-year anniversary this year, the Zuse Hüller Hille Kick-Off-Days, Prof. Christian Braun of the University of Karlsruhe made it clear that in the digital transformation that is changing our industry, not machines and computers are the main players, but humans still have the lead role. He put a focus on the new possibilities arising with Industry 4.0, especially with regard to services offered to our customers. In contrast to the b2c sector, where forerunners like Amazon, Google, Uber and many others have long since paved the way for the digitization of work places and customer services, b2b players are still narrowing their 4.0 interest on smart technology and intelligent machines.

Digitization however, and with it, digital or smart services, can achieve much more: They can generate new business models, where cloud services, sharing and outsourcing concepts gain importance over owning a plant that just produces and sells technology products. With Service 4.0, a whole new portfolio of customer services can be created, delivering added value to the customer of today, who is faced with volatile markets and rapidly changing requirements regarding efficiency and environment regulations. In delivering service offers like sensor technology, smart glasses and remote services, b2b can open up entirely new business models and target groups.

Watch the speech of Prof. Braun here: