Built to fly

At this year’s EMO, our first exhibition as Zuse Hüller Hille, we had many interesting discussions about the aerospace sector. Aircraft components are subject to extreme internal and external forces. Because of this, they are typically made of durable, highly resistant materials like titanium and titanium alloy. Aerospace machining is therefore mostly characterized by tight tolerances and hard-to-machine metals. Also challenging are the typical forms like turbines, turbine blades and aero-structural components determining the form of an aircraft.

Zuse Hüller Hille provides a wide range of 5-axis simultaneous machine tools, as well as combined mill-turn centers, with travels large enough to be able to machine even the most complex aircraft components. Besides our latest development, the vertical machining center NBV 700, the whole range of 5-axis machining centers of the horizontal NBH-series provides sturdy 5-axis machining covering all high-precision requirements. And for manufacturers who need to machine largest work pieces, we offer an individually equipped NBH 5000 5X, meeting all challenges you may confront when machining complex work pieces. For more details, download our exclusive presentation on aerospace machining below. If you have questions right away, simply get in touch with us via +49 8041 792 590 or info@zuseautomation.com.

Aerospace Presentation

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